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Being in the worship team

Our Commitment to you:


·         To pray for you



·         To provide access to online resources, books, music and articles that will help and resource you in your worship ministry



·         To provide training opportunities internally and externally, including organising trips to conferences such as Worship Central



·         A monthly team meeting for worshipping God together, fellowship, prayer, training and discipleship. These are every Thursday before the first Sunday of the month



·         A one-to-one with the worship minister from time to time for a chance to feedback and be supported



·         If you are a song writer, we have a group that meets up that can offer feedback and encouragement



·         The service plan for the week is sent out in advance for you to have a look at and/ or practice before the band gets together



·         All new songs are sent out in advance. These are normally in the form of a YouTube link


Our expectations:


·         Be a regular worshipper at St Gabriel’s when on and off the stage



·         “Full-time” members will be on the worship rota up to 3 Sunday services a month. “Part-time” members will be on one Sunday service a month



·         Make practices a priority. Practice times for Sunday mornings are 7:30pm Thursday evenings, with a sound check at 9:30am on the Sunday morning. Practice times for Sunday evenings are at 4:45pm before the service at 6:30pm. Please let the worship minister and worship leader know if you can’t make practice



·         We meet to pray at 9:30am and 6:00pm on Sundays before the service to seek God before we start



·         Make every effort to come to the monthly team meetings. These are key times for us to get together and talk about what God is doing in our worship. Please let the worship minister know if you can’t come



·         Dress appropriately modestly when on stage