A selection of our most recent talks

We hope you enjoy them.

"Do what he tells you"
This is what Jesus' mother said at a wedding. We continue our Lent series.
Jane Morris, 31/03/2019
Come and see!
Continuing our Lent series on our values. This is something we aim to say!
Christina Winn, 17/03/2019
Food for our Journey - Bible
The first in our Lent series. Is the Bible 'God's Word of truth' all the way through?
Jane Morris, 10/03/2019
Commissioned - to go forward
The last in our series on Joshua. Includes some pointers on how to understand the Old Testament.
Jane Morris, 03/03/2019
A story of how a journey began and continued. Are you on a journey with God?
Dudley Hanciles, 24/02/2019

And if you want to look back a little further...

Belonging (Jane Morris)
Vision and Giving - reasons to be cheerful! (Jane Morris)
Let your Light Shine! - God's Daybreak (Jane Morris)
The Character of a Disciple (Adam Dobrzynski)
Disciple: Prayer (Richard Berry)
Giving (Jane Morris)
The Call to be a Disciple (Steve Morris)
'God with Us' (Dudley Hanciles)
Jesus - Welcomed by Mary (Laurence Hillel)
We believe God's Kingdom will have no end (Jane Morris)
We believe Jesus will come again in glory (Jane Morris)
I believe in the Holy Spirit (Adam Dobrzynski)
I believe in the Trinity (John Wolffe)
We believe in the church (Jane Morris)
Jesus died for our sins (Richard Berry)
We believe in Jesus Christ (Steve Morris)
We believe in God (Steve Morris)
A Seeing Jesus Community (Richard Berry)
A Lifting Up Communitry (Steve Morris)
A Loving Community (Jane Morris)
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017