A selection of our most recent talks


We believe in the church
continuing in our series of Christian beliefs from the creeds
Jane Morris, 12/11/2017
Jesus died for our sins
in our series on basic Christian beliefs from the Creeds
Richard Berry, 29/10/2017
We believe in Jesus Christ
... in our series on the Creeds of Christian belief. What do Christians believe? (Note - there's a long pause before the prayer at the end.)
Steve Morris, 15/10/2017
We believe in God
The first in our series on the Creeds - statements of what Christians believe.
Steve Morris, 08/10/2017
A Seeing Jesus Community
Richard Berry, 17/09/2017

And if you want to look back a little further...

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Walls! (Jane Morris)
Our ABC in Christ (Sarah Broadbent)
Jesus is risen! (Steve Morris)
Jesus at the well (John Wolffe)
Nicodemus (Mavis Crispin)
Temptation (Steve Morris)
Ash Wednesday (Liz France)
Prayer - examen (Andrew Dand)
Prayer - frequency (Richard Berry)
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017