Giving to St Gabriel's  

Give online now or read on for more about where you gift will be used.

St Gabriel’s has an exciting and challenging vision, much of which needs financial support to make it happen. 
All our money comes from church members, and we encourage all members of the church to consider regular giving.  Much of the money we spend is paid out monthly, so wherever possible, a regular standing order through your bank is the most helpful way to give.
The bible encourages Christians to give 10% (‘a tithe’) of their income to the ministry of the church.  We invite members of St Gabriel’s to see this as a guideline.
If you would like to start giving to the church, or change the amount you currently give, you can do this online  by internet banking.  Please use the details of the church bank account in this leaflet to set this up.  If you are giving in this way for the first time, please also complete and hand in the Gift Aid declaration.

Here are some of the areas of ministry that the giving in the church currently supports: 
· clergy—giving at St Gabriel’s pays for the cost
      of the full time ministry of the vicar and curate (when
      we have one)
· mission locally, nationally and internationally—the church gives away 12% of our income to people and ministries that we support, locally, nationally and internationally
· worship—we place a high priority on worship and part of our giving pays the cost of our worship minister
· children youth and families are an important part of our ministry and part of our giving pays the cost of our  children youth and families minister
· children – we have growing numbers of children attending the church and we support our children’s team with resources and training
· youth—our ministry among youth is growing and our giving supports this ministry
· community—we have a growing ministry during the week; we open the church building to a variety of activities where we seek to serve and witness to our local community.  Our giving pays to support and enable this and pays the cost of our café manager
· support services—the ministry of the church is supported by paid staff who contribute to administration, managing our buildings and finances, as well as housekeeping and caretaking
· hospitality—at St Gabriel’s, we love to meet and eat in all sorts of places .. much of this is supported by the generosity of individuals, but the church also supports this ministry
· buildings and grounds—our church building and church hall are key to our worship of God as well as our ministry in the community.  We are seeking to maintain and develop our buildings, especially the hall
· ministries—many members of the church give generously of their time to support God’s work, and our giving pays for the resources that are needed in areas such as communication and administration, worship, sound and vision equipment, church courses (including Alpha), our website and more
Plans for the Future?
The vicar, church wardens, staff and church council work together with the wider membership of the church to seek God for his plans and purposes for St Gabriel’s.  The
giving of the members of St Gabriel’s could make some of these dreams a reality.  Here are some of the possibilities that have been discussed by the church council … 
· Staff—the ministry of the church is enriched by the gifts of all our members—in addition, investing in members of staff helps areas of ministry flourish.  We would like to increase our regular giving so as to continue to support staff members working in different areas of church life.
· mission—we are gradually refurbishing our church hall, as a place to be an ‘engine room’ to resource our mission. One-off gifts are particularly useful for this. 
· buildings and grounds—we want to continue to care for and develop our buildings and grounds,  so that they are a blessing and witness to our community.  In particular, we would like to build rooms in the space to the side of the chancel, both on the ground floor and above - which could extend over the kitchen and raphael room.

· at least 12% of all the money you give is given away to support a wide range of our mission partners locally, nationally and internationally
· we pay for our staff, including our ordained church staff
· your giving enables us to support the wide range of ministry that happens in St Gabriel’s such as .. youth, children, families,  administration, worship, daytime ministries, housekeeping, Alpha and much more!
· our buildings are a key part of our life together and our ministry in the community—and we are seeking to look after them properly

ONE OFF GIFTS  If you pay tax and would like to give a one-off gift to the church at any time, please complete the giving envelope in the church chairs and put your gift in the offering.  Cheques payable to ‘St Gabriel’s Church’. 

Thank you.
Jane Morris, 08/05/2013