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St Gabriel's Stories
We love stories! They can tell us so much about things. Jesus used stories all the time to explain things to us and so now we want to use stories to help us find our new direction in this next season. We hope that by looking at what we do at our best, we can better discover the kind of church we want to be in the coming years ahead.
Please send us your best St. Gabriel's moment as a story. Try to think of your best St. Gabriel's moment. How did it make you feel, why was is so great?
Just follow 
this link to tell us your best St Gabriel's story. You can type the story as text or you can upload a video file to the submission box below, or send an email to stories@st-gabriels.orgLooking forward to hearing from you!

News-sheet 9 Aug 2020 web2

St Gabriel's Office, 04/08/2020