Our Vision and Values

St Gabriel’s is a vibrant contemporary church in the heart of north west London. 

We have an exciting vision in which all members of St Gabriel’s are invited to share.


Our vision can be summed up in three words..          

These are the core values upon which our life is built...

Worship  We aim to honour God in all that we think, say and do. Worship is the highest calling for all of us, and is a part of everything we are and do. When we gather together, we delight in heartfelt, passionate, sold-out worship offered to God.


Bible  We hold the Bible as our highest authority in what we believe and how we live.
Inspiration  We seek to be open to the Holy Spirit in all areas of our life – to help us live our faith, grow in character and and be equipped with God's gifts. 
Disciples  We long to inspire and equip one another to be lifelong followers of Jesus, and we see prayer as our heartbeat.
Friends  We value each other highly as fellow-members of God’s family, and seek to maintain love and unity with one another and with the wider Christian church.
Mission   We look outwards to our local community, our city and the wider world. We seek to share our Christian faith through our lives and our words, so that others may come to faith in Christ. We seek to care and serve in our local community and beyond – and we are passionate about seeing God’s world renewed - in faith, in a just and fair society, and in caring for the environment. 

Living out our Values

St Gabriel’s is a very special Christian community, with a vision to be people who are living out our values. Here are some of the ways in which we are seeking to do this:

Today  We seek to live out our faith as people of today – and we value informality, contemporary worship, modern technology, good resources and effective communication.

Teamwork  In every area of our life, we believe teamwork is vital. We aim to live and make decisions in relationships that are open and accountable. In every area of the church, we are looking to give away gifts and skills to apprentice others.
Ministry  We invite all our members to be involved in the life of the church – and we work with one another to find the place where each person can flourish.
Leadership  We value our leaders and commit ourselves to pray for and support them in every way.  We see leadership as something that is shared in teams in which each leader is in an accountable and supportive environment within the church.
Worldwide  Each week as we gather, we welcome people drawn from every continent in God’s world, and we celebrate and value our diversity. We share our life with a worldwide network of friends who have passed through St Gabriel’s.
Involvement  We seek to enable all to contribute their God-given gifts, being mindful and inclusive of those with disabilities and difficulties. Where people are passing through and are only with us for a short time, we seek to welcome them warmly and include them.
Attitude In everything, we seek to do the very best we can, for the glory of God. 


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