THE PRAYER COURSE: Vision-Prayer-Action 

Praying Hands
The first act of our vision renewal is to pray. As a church we are going to spend time in prayer as we begin to see what our 
renewed vision will look like - and this course will help us!

In Church on a Sunday we will be thinking about 6 different aspects of prayer, and in our small groups we will be using material produced by 24/7 Prayer to impact our prayer lives (

This will also be running as a one off course for anyone who would like to take part, and is not currently part of a small group. This will be at a local home and will run from 12 March for 6 weeks. Please talk to Chris for more details


Our next 
PRAYER EVENING is Thursday 13 March at church,
praying for our Christians Against Poverty Centre.

Marcus Liberman, 03/03/2014