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Annual Meeting 2023 (APCM) 

This year's Annual Meeting will be held after the Sunday Service on 14 May at approximately 12pm

Every year we hold an Annual Meeting at church. All are welcome to be present for the voting and appointment of the Churchwardens. Following this we hold an APCM which stands for Annual Parochial Church Meeting. This is a meeting for all those on the church electoral roll.


Download the Annual Report for 2023 and financial statements Here

Electoral Roll 

Membership of this roll is not automatic, you have to opt in and you have to meet the criteria. If you want to be on the roll or you want to make sure your name is on because you can't remember, please click here to fill out a brief form. You must do this more than two weeks before the Annual Meeting to be eligible to vote. Voting will only take place if there are more candidates standing than we have spaces for. This year we will not be live streaming the APCM.

PCC Nominations

If you are already a member of the electoral roll and have been for at least 6 months, (or are 16-18 and have just joined), you are also eligible to stand as a member of our Church Council known as the PCC. The PCC help the vicar with the leadership of the church and have a voice and say in the use of finance, the employment of staff and strategic decisions of the church. This group also includes representatives of the Deanery Synod and members of the Clergy. The council usually meets nine times a year, usually on Monday Nights. It is really important to us as a church that this group of people makes up the variety and breadth of our whole community so that the decisions we make can be as representative as possible. 

There are requirements and legal responsibilities to being a member of the PCC but these are shared across the group and we do not what anyone to be deterred from nomination because there are things in the form that they do not understand or feel uncomfortable about. We are happy to discuss with you any of these things in confidence should you have any concerns. You can e-mail for more information or to arrange a chat with the vicar.  

For a full role description, nomination form or to view personal statements from nominees, click here

To view the existing PCC, click here

Please either print and complete the form by hand or you can use the Fill in and Sign feature of Adobe reader to complete electronically. Please note, you will need your signature as well as that of the person who is nominating you. Instead of affixing a photo feel free to email us an appropriate image. Please send via email to or drop them in on a Sunday.  

Churchwarden Nominations

Churchwardens sit on the PCC and the Standing Committee. The time commitment is more than twice that of being on the PCC but also holds greater responsibility. Each year, two people are appointed as warden. If you would like to stand as a warden, please first read through the role description and then we strongly encourage a conversation with the vicar before completing a nomination form. Should you wish to be nominated, the required forms are below.

For a full role description or nomination form, click here