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Race and Equality Statement 

 St Gabriel’s is home to a diverse community of people, each at different points on a journey together with Christ. We value our diversity and recognise that this is a strength that helps to reflect the whole tapestry of God’s creation. We also believe God loves and has a plan for every individual, regardless of their ability, age, inherited or expressed faith, gender identity, race, sexuality, marital status or financial means. Within this breadth we seek to foster behaviour within our community that we believe honours God and promotes Jesus Christ as Saviour. Our primary revelation for this is the Bible, which we believe contains good news for all people. We also look to God’s leading through the work of His Holy Spirit who we believe is alive and active today. 
In line with this, we unequivocally reject all forms of racism and are committed to actively promoting inclusion of Black and Minority Ethnic persons at all levels within the life of the church. We want this to be a church where all people feel safe, valued and free to worship without fear of discrimination. We actively seek to embrace and learn from different cultures and doing so has played a big part in our church life. We hope that by being proactive in our approach, we might also be a positive influence for equality for our community, other churches and the wider world. 
We recognise that journeying together in this way is not always easy and do not profess to hold all the answers but seek to work out our faith and beliefs in line with the statements above. We ask that if you decide to join us on this journey that you also commit to loving one another, especially those different from you, and commit to seeking truth in God’s word as we pursue a desire to be more like Jesus and learn to follow him.

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