2020 Vision 

We are currently reviewing our vision and values statement

Our previous vision and values can be found below and a lot of the themes will continue in different ways from 2021 onwards but we are also excited about the new ways God is challenging us for the future. Please come back later in the year to see the latest info

We have also just released a Race and Equality statement that helps to frame our churches response to race inequality. 

In the past few years, members of St Gabriel's took time to pray, listen to God and one another and learn from our wider community.  

Listen to the two talks about our vision here.

Our renewed vision will set the course for our life through to '2020'.

In 2013 we took time to listen to God and to one another in a number of ways.  We learned about ourselves from census  information about our wider community and a questionnaire for church members. We had a week of prayer, we met in a mid-week consultation and our Church Council set aside a day away to pray and ponder these things.  In the Autumn of 2013, Church Council members reviewed our vision and then looked to the future in seeing some of the ways God is leading us to take this vision forward with plans that we invite all members of St Gabriel’s to support in prayer, and in giving of time and money to see this vision become a reality. 


We thank God for the vision he has given us to be disciples of Jesus in his world today—a people on the move as His Spirit leads us.  We are called to be those going deeper with God, growing closer to one another and reaching out further in the mission to which he is calling us, to make Jesus known and call people to be his disciples.
· we will continue to find ways to communicate the vision so all are inspired and drawn in to contribute
· We are called to make prayer our heartbeat, so we will continue to seek God for his vision and plans and to look for his leading and timing
· We seek to be those who are looking for what God is doing among us, to make room for the Holy Spirit and to offer ourselves to join in with the purposes of God
· God is calling us into some great things—and we need to ask God to inspire faith in our hearts, but also be prepared to step out—God has promised to lead us a step at a time and - everywhere we 'put our feet' God will give us
· We are trusting that in the big things, God will lead and provide 'little by little' - and we will look and pray for a series of smaller miracles rather than one massive one
· We are part of a wider vision of the Church of Jesus Christ across London and we will be intentional about being part of the vision of the Diocese of London in their wider ‘2020 vision’ to be confident, compassionate and creative disciples of Christ.  
Capital Vision Video here
Capital Vision Webiste here




 · We will continue to make worship the first priority in our life

· We desire to make space for the Holy Spirit to work and God to speak and minister when we gather, and we will seek to grow this ministry

· We invite all members of St Gabriel’s to be those who have a personal life of prayer, and we ask God to be renewing that individual walk with God

· We want to make praying with others a priority and to see prayer running through everything we are and do, especially in taking this vision forward

· We want to grow in our understanding and living out of the bible and we will give ourselves individually to read, study, learn and pray the Scriptures

· We value the importance of good biblical teaching and will look for opportunities when we gather to grow this ministry

· We challenge one another into being lifelong learners and disciples of Jesus


· We give thanks that God has called our church community to be a diverse intergenerational people of God—a global church in north London—and we will value and seek to be friends with one another

· We will be intentional about all parts of our church community growing and flourishing

· We give thanks to God for the children and young people in our church family and we will be alongside them as we all learn to grow as disciples of Christ

· We thank God for the diversity of small groups within the church and we will look for ways to invest in our groups and resource their leaders

· We seek to grow contributing disciples who are going on with God together




· We have a heart to see people encounter and follow Jesus Christ and we are called to be a growing and sending church

· We look for opportunities to share our faith as God leads and within this we will make our Alpha Courses a central priority

· We want to see a new generation of disciples of Jesus Christ and to see growing numbers of children and young people who become lifelong disciples of Jesus and we will seek to make more physical space in church for children to learn and grow 

· We seek to be a welcoming and hospitable community and to encourage one another in being contributing disciples

· We will continue to seek to grow our contacts with the wider community by being both LIGHT (reaching out, bringing in) and SALT (belonging to and serving what is already there)

· We will seek to grow our ministry around our mission partners—to continue to give financially, to pray for them and to tell the stories of what God is doing in his world

· We will seek God’s way forward for our Christians Against Poverty centre and look for wider support in prayer and giving


· The vision God is giving us is only possible through the generous gifts of time and money of the people of God

· We value our paid staff who coordinate, enable and lead the ministry of our volunteers

· We seek to appreciate everyone, but especially leaders and volunteers

· We will seek to take forward our 'VISION AND PLANS', so as to manage and communicate new things that cost money

· We need to stay warm for everything based at the church building and will therefore make plans for our next heating system

· We will continue to work on the maintenance, repair and development of our buildings and grounds

· We seek vision-led finances and a supply of new giving to match and exceed that of those leaving