A selection of our most recent talks

We hope you enjoy them.

What are we like?
Continuing in the book of James, he challenges us in our relationships - with each other God.
Roy Hutchinson, 23/06/2019
The tongue! How do we talk?
More practical stuff from the book of James...
Steve Morris, 16/06/2019
Father's Day - Be bold, Be strong, Be Dad
An encouragement for all in a fatherhood position, with thoughts for all about fathers. There was a video in the middle, which just has music here.
Tim Sudworth, 16/06/2019
Pentecost - Spirit of wisdom
Continuing our series on James. It follows saying these words together from The Creed: We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, who with the Father and the Son is worshipped and glorified,who has spoken through the prophets.
Christina Winn, 09/06/2019
Faith and doubts, faith and actions - what's important?
in our series on the book of James
Richard Berry, 26/05/2019

And if you want to look back a little further...

Joy in hard times? (Liz France)
Thomas - How Jesus enabled him to believe (Andrew Dand)
Easter Day - "I have seen the Lord!" (Jane Morris)
"Do what he tells you" (Jane Morris)
Come and see! (Christina Winn)
Food for our Journey - Bible (Jane Morris)
Commissioned - to go forward (Jane Morris)
Wholehearted (Dudley Hanciles)
Belonging (Jane Morris)
Vision and Giving - reasons to be cheerful! (Jane Morris)
Let your Light Shine! - God's Daybreak (Jane Morris)
The Character of a Disciple (Adam Dobrzynski)
Disciple: Prayer (Richard Berry)
Giving (Jane Morris)
The Call to be a Disciple (Steve Morris)
'God with Us' (Dudley Hanciles)
Jesus - Welcomed by Mary (Laurence Hillel)
We believe God's Kingdom will have no end (Jane Morris)
We believe Jesus will come again in glory (Jane Morris)
I believe in the Holy Spirit (Adam Dobrzynski)
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017