A selection of our most recent talks

We hope you enjoy them.

God's fiery guidance
The first in our new series - 'Our God is a God who speaks through fire!'
Helen Shannon, 12/01/2020
Epiphany - how were the Wise Men wise?
... different kinds of wisdom
Christina Winn, 05/01/2020
A wonderful message from Isaiah 35
What are you longing for?
Richard Berry, 15/12/2019
Looking at Jesus' family tree
What effect did Jesus' family have on who he was? (12 minutes in there is quiet for a short time, while Nicki forms the shawls into a baby bundle in her arms.)
Nicki Sudworth, 08/12/2019
Advent Sunday : Jesus coming - again!
Jesus coming gives us a wonderful hope!
Richard Berry, 01/12/2019

And if you want to look back a little further...

Lighting the fuse! The last in our series on Acts. (Liz France)
Paul in Corinth, a diverse city where different strategies may be needed. (John Wolffe)
Paul in Athens - connecting with the culture (Bishop Pete Broadbent)
Unstoppable! Is it true? Be a Berean! (Stephen Maclean)
What do you pray for? (Roy Hutchinson)
In Philippi - stopped by the Spirit and led by the Spirit (Christina Winn)
Mission Unstoppable! - undaunted! (Helen Shannon)
Giving to church and others - the gladness and generosity of giving (John Wolffe, Marcus Liberman)
It's time to speak! (Dudley Hanciles)
Mission Unstoppable! (Tim Sudworth)
Ananias’ obedience in the face of doubts (Richard Berry)
James 5: 12-20 (Adam Dobrzynski)
James 5: 1-11 (Liz France)
What are we like? (Roy Hutchinson)
The tongue! How do we talk? (Steve Morris)
Father's Day - Be bold, Be strong, Be Dad (Tim Sudworth)
Pentecost - Spirit of wisdom (Christina Winn)
Faith and doubts, faith and actions - what's important? (Richard Berry)
Joy in hard times? (Liz France)
Thomas - How Jesus enabled him to believe (Andrew Dand)
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017