A selection of our most recent talks

We hope you enjoy them.

God's Heartbeat in the Bible
An encouragement to read or listen to the Bible, and find your own rhythm of enaging with it - and hearing God's heartbeat. This is a new Sunday series on the Heartbeat of God in various areas of our lives.
James Yeates, 08/03/2020
Ash Wednesday
At the beginning of Lent we consider how we seek to know the Creator, stripping away our tendency to focus on created things, rather than the Creator.
James Yeates, 26/02/2020
God’s fiery presence and judgement
Are you like the crowd, or the religious leaders? Our final talk in the series: Our God is a God who speaks through fire!
Richard Berry, 23/02/2020
The God who answers by fire!
Who do we think God is? God longs for each of us to know who God is, what he is like, and to worship him.
Dudley Hanciles, 16/02/2020
Testing by fire
How do we build our lives on firm foundations?
James Yeates, 10/02/2020

And if you want to look back a little further...

God makes himself known through fire (James Yeates)
Reading from 2 Chronicles, parts of chapters 5, 6 and 7 (read by Trevor Ward)
God's presence in fire (James Yeates)
God's fiery guidance (Helen Shannon)
Epiphany - how were the Wise Men wise? (Christina Winn)
A wonderful message from Isaiah 35 (Richard Berry)
Looking at Jesus' family tree (Nicki Sudworth)
Advent Sunday : Jesus coming - again! (Richard Berry)
Lighting the fuse! The last in our series on Acts. (Liz France)
Paul in Corinth, a diverse city where different strategies may be needed. (John Wolffe)
Paul in Athens - connecting with the culture (Bishop Pete Broadbent)
Unstoppable! Is it true? Be a Berean! (Stephen Maclean)
What do you pray for? (Roy Hutchinson)
In Philippi - stopped by the Spirit and led by the Spirit (Christina Winn)
Mission Unstoppable! - undaunted! (Helen Shannon)
Giving to church and others - the gladness and generosity of giving (John Wolffe, Marcus Liberman)
It's time to speak! (Dudley Hanciles)
Mission Unstoppable! (Tim Sudworth)
Ananias’ obedience in the face of doubts (Richard Berry)
James 5: 12-20 (Adam Dobrzynski)
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017