Soundtrack to prayer 

Music and song have been a vital part of prayer, for as long as there have been people to pray!  The book of Psalms is often known as the songbook of the bible, full of the ancient songs and prayers of God's people. Many of the worship songs we use today take inspiration from the psalms. Worship songs can help to remind us who God is, draw us into his presence and be a springboard to coming before him in prayer.

Our worship team here at St Gs have put together a playlist of some our favourite songs to pray to. Have a listen, or choose a song to listen to a few times through, asking God to speak to you through it and use it to inspire you to pray.

Listen to our soundtrack to prayer playlist 

What would you include on a soundtrack for prayer? Use our prayer board to let us know, and why not create your own playlist of songs or music to help you pray!