Sunday 29 November 2020


Children's Activities

1st Sunday of Advent

It's Advent!

Today's story is about when Jesus comes back! Christmas is when we remember Jesus' birth but it is also a great time to think about when He returns. 


Pray - Dear God, open our hearts and prepare us so that we are ready for Your return. 


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Jesus' Return - Mark 13:24-37 

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Praise Him with a song!


And now...

Pray for 4

During Advent I encourage you to pray for 4 people, a different person each week, one for each Sunday in Advent!


Let's pray that each of "your 4 people" will have a relationship with God as their Father and will know Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their life 

Why not design your own Advent Candle and write down the names of the 4 people you would like to pray for over Advent.


Children and Family resources for lock-down season:

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