Sunday 22 November 2020


Children's Activities

Time to get ready!


Story - The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats
The Parable of the Sheep and t

  Click to read Matthew 25:31-46 or play the video below!

Let's follow the Shepherd by helping and being generous to others in Jesus's name.

Click any of the activities below:
  1. Activity pack
  2. Colouring sheet

Pray - Dear God, thank You for using me & helping me to find ways to help others in need!



Time for Action! - Just 1 week left until Advent, Challenge 3 is to give!


Countdown to Advent Challenge Today's story reminds us that as Jesus's followers we must think about others who are in need and do what we can to help them!

This is how we love others and Jesus!
  Think of and get ready to do ONE thing that shows someone God's love before Christmas!


Send your challenge ideas to Mariam by WhatsApp or email
A prize will be given to children who participate in any Advent Challenges. 


Last week's Challenge entries... Well done! 

Advent Challenge 2 - Share You

Advent Challenge 2 entries pic

Children and Family resources for lock-down season:


Click here for access to some great activity packs for primary age children.