Sunday 15 November 2020


Children's Activities

Time to get ready!


Story - The Parable of the Talents of Gold

God wants us to use whatever gifts He’s given us, not hide them! Shine your light so everyone will know Him!
Click any of the 3 activities below:
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Countdown to Advent Kids


2 weeks until Advent! - Here's Advent Challenge 2...

In this week's challenge, we're asking you to share a bit of your Christmas experience with us. Send in a picture or recording of your Christmas:
- joke
- drawing 
- memory
- or song!

Advent Challenge 2 - Share You


Send your advent challenge answers to Mariam by WhatsApp or email -
A prize will be given to children who participate in any Advent Challenges. 

Last week's challenge and answers are below!

Advent challenge 1Advent Challenge 1 - answer

Children and Family resources for lock-down season:


Click here for access to some great activity packs for primary age children.