Sunday 8 November 2020


Children's Activities

Time to get ready!


Story - The Parable of the 10 Bridesmaids - 5 Wise and 5 Foolish!

Jesus wants us to be ready when He comes again. We get ready by getting to know Him better and spending time with Him.
Question - What are some of the ways you spend time with Him and get to know Him? 

Click below for activities:
Crossword sheet
Colouring activity sheet 


How quickly can you get ready?
Get someone to time you as you race to put on your coat, shoes and other bits!


Countdown to Advent Kids


3 weeks until Advent!


Just like today’s story, Advent is also about being expectant of something and getting ready for it.

During Advent we get ready to celebrate Jesus being born into the earth.

We also we think about when He will come to earth again as the Bible promises us!

See this week's Advent Challenge below!


Advent Challenge 1 

                                               Advent challenge 1

BONUS points - Can you tell which part of the Christmas story this is?
Send your answers to Mariam by WhatsApp or email

A prize will be given to children who participate in all 4 challenges.

Come back next week for the answers!

Children and Family resources for lock-down season:


Click here for access to some great activity packs for primary age children.



Mariam Kizza, 10/11/2020