News from Sunday 15 April 2018 

Today we start a new Sunday series:
LIFE IN THE SPIRIT - Studies in the Book of Ephesians  
The letter is full of inspiration about the love and life of God as well as how to live well as disciples of Jesus.
Take a leaflet home - you may like to read the bible passages for yourself each week before coming to church. Or maybe try reading the whole letter in one sitting.
COMING UP! - ‘YOUR Kingdom Come’
Ascension Day to Pentecost - a national and global wave of prayer for more people to come to know Jesus Christ in this country and all over the world, for the Holy Spirit to come.
St Gabriel’s is joining in by having …
TEN DAYS OF PRAYER 10-19 May, leading up to Pentecost on 20 May. More detail are on a special take-home sheet. There will be an event each day, with different times on different days, so as many of us as possible can join in.
Plus Sat 19 May 7.30pm in St Paul’s Cathedral
- see the posters in church - get your ticket from the Eventbrite website, or ask Sarah to get you a ticket.
10.30am on Sun 10 June with Bishop Pete
This will include baptism and confirmation.
Were you baptised as a small child, and would now like to CONFIRM your faith for yourself? Then talk to Jane about CONFIRMATION.
Perhaps you’ve never been baptised - the outward mark of being a Christian. Talk to Jane if you think you’d like to be baptised.
and ...
CHILDREN AND COMMUNION  There will be an opportunity at our Celebration of Faith service on 10 June, for children to be admitted to our Children and Communion Scheme. This is an individual decision for parents, and you can find out more in the leaflets available in church.  Please speak to Jane if you would like to know more.

EASTER EGGS It was such a pleasure to provide Easter eggs donated by the church for CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Centre families and children. You gave an overwhelming response with over 30 Easter Eggs and half were purchased at our Fair Trade stand which is great. We were also lucky enough to give away 10 Eggs to the food bank who really appreciated it.
Its a small but tangible way of showing the love of God to those who really need it. One of our clients came to Sunday morning service with her daughter and enjoyed it. She said the church was so welcoming and friendly  Praise to God for all his goodness, and thank you once again for your generosity.
THE BIG CHURCH DAY OUT  Christian music festival: 26-27 May at Wiston House, West Sussex. See the poster or talk to David Wolffe (or Helen or John)for find out good reasons why you’d like to go!
OUR CHURCH ANNUAL MEETING is on Sunday 29 April at 12 noon. Please come! There will be reports on various aspects of church life, as well as electing Church Council members.

St Gabriel's Office, 15/04/2018