News from Sunday 11 February 2018 

It's half term this week and we take a break from Little Angels on Monday and Cafe with Boogie Angels on Wednesday.
Cafe with Thursday Worship will take place as usual this week.
LENT begins this week - Ash Wednesday 14 Feb, when we have Communion with Ashing at 8pm.
1. BOOKS We have Lent booklets with daily readings available from today - just £2 each - buy one today, ready to start on Ash Wednesday. 
We will also have some second hand books through Lent too - starting
after the service on Ash Wednesday.
(please give Sarah any book contributions for other to enjoy)
2. APPS, WEBSITES, EMAILS to help you focus on Jesus daily during Lent: - look at this one if you like taking photos! (online or app) -look at reading plans and search ‘mosaic’ - you can read all 4 gospels through Lent with this one!
14 Feb     Ash Wednesday Communion 8pm
25 March  Palm Sunday
29 March  Maundy Thursday Communion 8pm
30 March  Good Friday All Age Worship 11am
1 April      Easter Day
Our ten-week Alpha course, exploring what Christianity is all about, starts on Tue 27 February, in church at 7.30pm.  How can you get involved?
COME - if you want to find out more about the Christian faith and haven't done Alpha before, please come along.  We'll eat some food together, watch a short film and then have a discussion with opportunity for questions
INVITE SOMEONE - most people come on Alpha because someone has invited them.  Who is God prompting you to ask?
PRAY - join our Alpha prayer email group: email
COOK - bless our guests by providing the meal for one of the Alpha evenings.  Speak to Winsome after the service to join the rota
HELP - join the team and help to set up the church and welcome guests, be part of a discussion group and/or pack down at the end of each evening
Contact Alison Ingram with queries ( 07739 890079)
Children—come to The Ark with your friends. It’s fun!
Parents—come too!
Thu 22 Feb at 3.30pm After school church for primary age with their parents.
pick up fliers for yourself and your friends
CAP MONEY COURSE starts 26 February – Why not give yourself some time to sort out your finances? If you'd like to get control over your money, particularly after the expense of the Christmas season, then our next CAP Money Course will help you to do just that. The next course starts on Mon 26 Feb, 8pm in church, and runs over four Monday evenings finishing 19 Mar. For information, speak to Sue Puddephatt, or register online at
Tue 20 Feb  Prayer Evening for Alpha - 8pm
Wed 14 March – 8pm
 Contemplative Prayer evening
 - see separate flier
 Sat 24 March Praise and Prayer
- time to be decided

- run by CPAS and recommended by people (parents and children) who have been involved in them in the past. Help yourself to a brochure or visit (and look at ‘What are Ventures?
CHURCH HOUSEKEEPER  We are again in need of a new cleaner for church. The days are Mon 7-9am and Friday (4 hours during the day). Talk to Sarah or email
OUR NEW CAP CENTRE MANAGER . . . is Debbie Thomas. She has been interviewed here in St Gabriel’s and also by CAP HQ. She will be going to train during February and March. Thank God for this exciting appointment!


St Gabriel's Office, 11/02/2018