A selection of our most recent talks


- a significant meeting for an interesting character from the early years of the church
Richard Berry, 09/07/2017
Time for Refreshment
Jane Morris, 02/07/2017
Jane Morris' story (Part 2)
Having told her story in Part 1, Jane Morris reflects on her journey of having leukaemia, how God met with her, what she learnt and what we might all might learn.
Jane Morris, 25/06/2017
Jane Morris' story (Part 1)
Our vicar Jane Morris tells her story of the last year, from receiving the diagnosis of leukaemia in June 2016. Alison Ingram and Sarah Broadbent join in telling Jane's story.
Jane Morris, Alison and Sarah, 25/06/2017
In our series on Ephesians. We are good at building walls to separate - how do they get broken down, and peace made?
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017

And if you want to look back a little further...

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Jesus at the well (John Wolffe)
Nicodemus (Mavis Crispin)
Temptation (Steve Morris)
Ash Wednesday (Liz France)
Prayer - examen (Andrew Dand)
Prayer - frequency (Richard Berry)
Silence (Andrew Dand)
God Space (Steve Morris)
Decelerate! (Slow down!) (Andrew Dand)
Prayer series - an introduction (James Harrison)
Gifts and Talents (Andrew Dand)
Simeon - Promises Fulfilled (Steve Morris)
Game Changers 6 Equip (Andrew Dand)
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017